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    Radio One Chennai has a brand new initiative launching today. Called Promising Minds of Tamil Nadu, it is hosted by Sulabha Santhosh. I caught up with the RJ right after she completed a chat with A R Rahman.

    How was it meeting with the Mozart of Madras.
    Being able to interview ARR is on any media persona��s bucket list, and I am no exception. But the beauty of the experience was that his team was extremely professional, which put us at ease. He was punctual and what I will remember forever is the moment he entered the room, dressed in a black suit. I wasna��t sure if it was a dream or reality, but from there on, thankfully, Sulabha the fan got sober and the professional RJ within me took over. It was a casual chat and he kept the conversation pepped up with humour. His words seemed like ordinary conversation, but when you hear them again, they are much deeper and spiritual.

    On the show.
    Promising Minds of Tamil Nadu is the second season of the prime-time hit, Great Minds of Tamil Nadu, which we began three months agoa��to focus on non-celebrity content and to tell our listeners about real-life heroes who have endured hardships and who shine in their respective fields. We are following a similar concept now, where we feature young minds who are contributing towards an empowered Tamil Nadu across all domains. Right from entrepreneurs to social activists, they are all around us but we dona��t notice them everyday. The show is a humble attempt to bring them and their work to the limelight.

    Who are you speaking with next?
    We have an eclectic line-up planned for the coming shows.

    Recognising individuals with extraordinary talent and those who empower our state in some way or the other makes for great listening content. So dona��t forget to catch Promising Minds, Monday to Friday, 9 am onwards, only on Radio One. See you next week with more radio talk.


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