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    The highly-anticipated TV series, DCa��s Legends of Tomorrow, premieres this month

    Fans of superheroes and supervillains are waiting with bated breath as DCa��s Legends of Tomorrow launches this month. The series, which is a spinoff of Arrow and The Flash, is touted to be the most ambitious adaptation of DC Universe superheroes. On the show, protagonist Rip Hunter is a time-travelling rogue, who decides to travel from the future to the present day to build a team of heroes and villains to counter supervillain Vandal Savagea��s sinister plan to destroy Earth. His ragtag team of six includes professor Martin Stein, a nuclear physicist who is one half of the meta-human called Firestorm. Canadian actor Victor Garber, who essays the professora��s role, tells us about the upcoming show.

    Tell us about the group Martin Stein is part of.
    It is a group of disparate people who have come together for the greater good. The intention is to combat really bad forces, but the difficulty is that everybody wants to go about things in different ways, and everybody will have to try and find a common ground.

    What is Steina��s responsibility?
    He is going to be the one trying to put things together, both scientifically and
    strategically. Also, since he is the oldest in the group, he will be like a mentor for the other characters.

    How much research did you do for your role?
    I simply wait for the script, because reading about it beforehand gets confusing. Wea��re not doing the comic book version of the characters and the world; we are doing a compilation of things from the DC universe. So I wait for the writers to tell me what it is, and I determine how I want to interpret that.
    Premieres o n January 22, 7 pm on Colors Infinity
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