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    Hangover, a new pub and restaurant, opens to a full house in the city

    Express Photo by JITHENDRA M. For INDULGETalk about good vibes, and this place has got it. Yes, probably because ita��s brand new, and we do love to flock to new places all the time. Hangover, a slightly odd name for a pub and restaurant because no one really wants a hangover, has been packed to the hilt since it opened not so long ago. Split over two levels, the space exudes wonderful energy from the moment you walk in. And that also translates to the fact that finding a table here post Wednesday evenings might be a tough job, especially if they have a game on TV. The upper floor is where the attraction lies; a small bus on the front terrace that doubles up as a bar, reminiscent of ice cream vans in old Hollywood movies.
    The menu includes pan-Asian, a�?continentala��, and Indian food. Plus, it has sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, and so on. The pan-Asian appetiser section however looks frightfully similar to one that belongs to another popular restaurant not too far from this place, and while the food isna��t top notch yet, there are a few things you might enjoy eating.
    Express Photo by JITHENDRA M. For INDULGETo begin with
    The pad cha tofu (tofu tossed in red Asian sauce) is spicy, served hot, and the tofu is soft enough. The chicken satay, which somehow is under the a�?continentala�� section instead of Asian, is generously portioned, and the meat is well grilled. So thata��s a safe bet. Both these dishes can be paired with beer, or some of the classic cocktails from the menu.
    We do like the bacon wrapped prawns. In fact, we like the prawns so much that it could be a dish by itself. Stir-fried in olive oil before being wrapped with bacon, the prawns deserve their own place on the menu. Ia��d have liked the bacon to be crisper than it is, but this version is good too.
    The other desi starter I wouldna��t mind getting seconds of is the chilli garlic cheese toast. Yes ita��s softer than the usual cheese toasts, but the touch of garlic definitely makes it taste better. Plus, ita��s one of Bengalurua��s favourite bar foods; you cana��t really go wrong with it unless you dona��t know the first thing about handling bread.
    Now I am not sure how much of the main courses people will end up trying here, but if you want, they have Desmonda��s famous chicken biryani, or pandi curry and rice.
    Express Photo by JITHENDRA M. For INDULGEDrink up
    I have to give it to the cocktail menu for its prices, first. Ita��s cheap. You can order what they call a bucket, which comes with one litre of different kinds of cocktails. However, if you are nice to the bartender, hea��ll even make you something of your choice. We got one with Malibu and tender coconut water, and it was served in a tender coconut, and take our word for it a�� it is delicious, and yet no rocket science. Some of the more tempting cocktails are not yet available, which we think will take a while to hit the bar. But therea��s always good beer to keep Bengalureans happy.
    Rs.1,200++ (for two).
    At 12th Main, Indiranagar.
    Details: 9886200070
    a�� Priyadarshini Nandy


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