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The turbulent life of an average middle-class wife

Positioning herself as Indiaa��s first feminist erotic writer, Shreemoyee Piu Kundu talks about the struggles of an average lower middle-class housewife through Sitaa��s Curse a�� her latest book.

Sitaa��s Curse was initially supposed to be nothing more than a short story. a�?But then as the plot thickened and I got absorbed into the skin of the character Meera, I realised there was potential for a full length novel. I engaged myself intimately with the history of classical erotica in our country, drinking copious amounts of Kalidasa, Jayadeva and Tamil poet, Andal,a�? says Kundu. A familiar name in journalistic and literary circles, Kundu, who also dabbled in PR before giving up her lucrative job to be a full-time novelist, says she a�?became a writer because I relished writing a�� it was and is the only way I know how to livea�?.

Between strangers
The tale is about Meera, and her journey from a small town girl in Sinor, Gujarat to a sexually awakened yet unhappily married woman in the suburbs of Mumbai. And the lengths she goes to, to get what she wants. Kundu drew inspiration for her protagonist from a particular Gujarati housewife in Byculla shea��d spot daily on her way to work in Mumbai. a�?Sometimes hanging clothes on a flimsy plastic wire or feeding green chillies to a tota in a cheap wrought iron cage, the Meera of my imagination slowly transformed into a daily obsession. She was a woman with the most melancholic eyes I have seen a�� like the color of rain, the veins on her face transparent like fish. This is her story,a�? explains Kundu. But after the floods of 2005, an event that is also central to the book, Kundu never saw her again. a�?I was also a victim (of the floods), taking three days to reach home, battling a serious viral infection. When I resumed work, she was gone,a�? she informs.

Kundu hopes to start working on Rahula, a political tragedy based on the son of Gautam Buddha soon. Rs. 262 on amazon.in

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