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    Radio is at the bottom of the entertainment pyramid with television and the big screen comfortably securing the two top positions. The internet and all it has to offer is also fierce competition for radio. That said, the attitude of radio presenters and personnel, especially those withAi?? limited experience, is something out of a comic film. I donai??i??t know what the huge deal is in being a radio jockey. Trust me when I say this after twenty years with the medium.

    You are just a voice that has to connect with your listener, like a friendly receptionist who also plays your favourite music and has a take on day-to-day happenings. When you do meet some of the new breed of presenters, there is a halo around them which says, ai???The Ego has landedai??i??. Itai??i??s amusing to see them decked up with their attitude and persona when they should be actually exhibiting that only on-air.

    Be it any profession, staying grounded is so important. When one starts to levitate because of misplaced egos and false perceptions thatai??i??s the time one should brace themselves for that big fall. You canai??i??t blame the new flock, as mistakes and failure would either make them stronger and successful or make them vanish into air of a different kind. Some introspection is definitely in order to help them change for the better.

    Iai??i??ve noticed this at many stations where presenters sometimes refuse to meet their listeners because of a self-imposed celebrity status. If that be the case, why is a Shah Rukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan taking time to meet scores of people who gather in front of Mannat and Jalsa? This is what I mean when I say that radio is at the bottom of the entertainment pyramid. Just imagine if some of these presenters were to reach epic levels in their careers. Forget about levitating, they would give the jet pack a run for its money.

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