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    Venturing into the realm of children’s theatre for the first time, city-based arts collective Sandbox presents How Cow Now Cow – a jubilant, interactive show set on a farm. After premiering at the Children’s Theatre Festival of Kerala last month, the cast of three is busy preparing for five shows at Jagriti.
    “There needs to be much more theatre for children as it’s one of the few places where they encounter something that requires their active engagement,” begins director Vinod Ravindran. For this production, Ravindran was inspired by the story of an old, troublesome cow, which he first heard at a workshop eight years ago. “The story stayed with me, and I adapted it to suit our context,” he says, adding that while the play is not a ‘musical’ there are elements of music and dance, as well as songs with ‘catchy’ lyrics to help captivate the young audience.
    The cast is made up of established actors Sachin Gurjale and Rency Philip, who are joined by young performer Abubakar Siddiq. “Children make a wonderful audience because there is no pretense, and they are not yet corrupted by society. On the flip side, if they get bored they’ll show you,” shares the trio, adding that this gives them the opportunity to keep refining the play after each performance, to make it is as engaging as possible. The ultimate aim is to take the show into schools, and for that reason, the set is simple, and can be performed in a classroom as well as on a stage. “We want to reach out to kids who wouldn’t usually encounter theatre, so would encourage interested schools to reach out to us,” signs off Ravindran.
    May 15-17. At Whitefield. Tickets (Rs.300)
    on jagrititheatre.com



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