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    An innovative mix of Continental and Indian dishes make for an interesting meal at B&G Propecia tablet price

    The rain gods seem to have suddenly woken up! Too late, but early enough to compensate for a poor monsoon. Therefo1re, December has abruptly been given a monsoon twist ai??i?? the perfect time to feast on a spicy platter of appetisers, comfort food and some interesting mixes. Bottle & Glass (B&G), the newest restobar in town is the place to head to. Situated on the third floor of a prominent building on 100 feet road, Indira Nagar, this is the perfect place if you like to enjoy your meal by the balcony letting drops of rain kiss your face. Similar to an underground pub, the space is designed for both party peeps and laid-back guests ai??i?? with a dance floor and dining area. The bar menu is extensive and includes regular drinks with an array of cocktails, aperitifs, shots and mocktails. Though the food menu is limited, it seems like a good pairing for the drinks on offer.

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    B&Gai??i??s appetisers list is what caught our eye. It features an interesting mix of Indian, Asian and Continental options. We began our meal with Prawn ghee roast, Sesame paneer, Spice mushroom spring roll , Lajawab paneer tikka and Pepper fish. With the evening getting colder, these were good options to beat the chill. The Pepper fish particularly was a bit on the spicy side but we paired it with the creamy Bananarama (banana, coconut creamAi??and kiwi c r u s h ) wh ich helped soothe our palate. Prawn ghee roast was the out -and-out winner ai??i?? juicy, succulent prawns, marinated in a garlicky paste and roasted in ghee. Deep fried with a sesame batter coat ing, the Sesame paneer chunks were crisp and flavourful. The toasted sesame seeds left a mild after-taste. Spice mushroom spring rolls was the Indianised version of the classic Chinese creation with a peppery mushroom filling. The Lajawab paneer tikka wasnai??i??t memorable, but the appetisers were impressive on the whole.


    EntrAi??es include burgers, pizzas and a selection of biryanis. Since it had been a cold evening thanks to a heavy downpour, we once again chose to go with the spicy and comforting Sabzi matka biryani. The layered vegetable and rice preparation stood out from other versions of vegetable biryani. The smokey flavour from the matka (mud pot) made the fluffy and fragrant saffron rice a delectable option. Matilda, a concoction of banana, pineapple, orange, mango and peach helped tone down the spicy flavours. After devouring such a mix of dishes, all high on spice, we were keen on trying the desserts and opted for the Chocolate mousse. But unlike its preceding dishes, the white chocolate mousse didnai??i??t quite live up to our expectations. That aside, B&G is a good option for those who enjoy fiery appetisers with their drinks.

    Rs 1,200 for two. At Indira Nagar. Details: 49653005 ai??i?? Ayesha Tabassum


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