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    Actor Jack McDorman is currently seen as Brian Finch in the TV adaptation of 2011 thriller, Limitless. In the series of the same name, Bradley Cooper comes back as Eddie Mora, but as a successful politician in the senate. Incidentally, McDorman was selected for the part by Cooper himself, who is the also executive producer of the show.
    The series, set four years after the events that unfold in the film, has Finch play an unsuccessful musician whose life takes a dramatic turn when he is introduced to a super drug by Mora. Called NZT-48, the drug increases his IQ and memory. After using his newfound power to help his ailing father, he joins hands with the FBI to crack cases.
    The 29-year-old shares more about his latest TV outing, which went on air recently.

    How does it feel, to be in Bradley Coopera��s shoes, in a manner of speaking?
    Ita��s not like the show is a reboot of the movie. It just expands on the universe the movie established. So, even having Bradley reprise his role as Eddie Mora helps. Hea��s a great resource for me as an actor. But there are some distinct differences between Brian Finch in this series, and Eddie Mora in the movie.

    What differences are we talking about?
    If you look at Eddie Moraa��s character in the film, he takes this pill and immediately jumps to the conclusion that a�?my life is the best on this pill. I need the most I can get of it alwaysa��. But Brian immediately thinks about how he can help his father and somebody else. There is a sense of selflessness. This makes him interesting and is a good fit for a longer story.

    The show is almost a modern superhero tale, but there are no capes. Your take on that.
    Brian certainly comes across that way. Ita��s like becoming a Sherlockian genius every time you take this pill a�� that is the super power. As the story develops, I think it becomes clear that Brian is disillusioned with that being his reality, and that he is going to be a superhero.

    Was it hard to portray the good side of a drug?
    Ita��s one of the things that director Marc Webb and I had a lot of discussions about while we were shooting the pilot. There are many scenes where he actually is suffering from withdrawal. He cana��t really get away from it, but he cana��t get out of the situation of taking the pill every single day. There are obviously some advantages of being smart, but he is very isolated. He has nobody he can confide in.

    Did you actually experiment with drugs?
    No. I have neither done much research into the reality of what those supplements do, nor has Brian. Ita��s not really important to me because ita��s just so laid out in the writing. Ita��s not always about being the smartest in the room a�� sometimes ita��s about being the most enthusiastic.

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