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    The stallion serves as the inspiration for Outhouseai??i??s new collection


    Kaabia Grewal

    Sisters Kaabia and Sasha Grewal of Outhous e d e s c r i b e t h e i d e a l ai???Outhouse girlai??i?? as modern, bold and confident. A client list that includes the likes of Pr iyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Nargis Fakri, Sienna Miller and Tyra Banks only serves to bolster that belief. Having launched their brand barely five years ago, Outhouse has firmly placed itself quite high on the list of jewellery labels to watch out for from India. With their recently launched Stallion collection, the duo seeks to build a new identity, taking inspiration from the power and elegance of the animal. Kaabia tells us more.

    On choosing the Stallion as a motif1

    We as a brand are inspired by animal and geometric art deco motifs. So we usually do a concoction of the two. This collection is called the Stallion Necklet. We have chosen the stallion as the iconic motif for Outhouse and will continue to keep reinventing lines around this motif making it our symbol.

    Tell us about the metals used

    We have used a base metal with 22k rose gold plating and shell inlay inside the stallion face. There are also some Swarovski crystals in the mix. Enamel has been used to give the line an eclectic vibe which is apt for the festive collection. We have also introduced our limited edition pieces which are made of special Swarovski crystals, that no one else in the country uses. The brand developed this category of crystals in collaboration with designer Maison Martin Margiela.

    What accessories does the collection include?

    In this particular collection, we have mainly worked on chokers. The major USP of the line is versatility ai??i?? an answer to your mor ning- to-night wardrobe needs. There are so many different ways of wearing it and it really allows you to experiment. The crystals lend a festive l o o k , and the stallion adds eccentricity.
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    How different is this collection from your earlier ones?2

    This is different with respect to the fact that we have chosen the stallion to represent the face of the brand for years to come now. We will be working on smaller lines each year with the stallion so that customers associate it with the brand.

    What are the key pieces from the line.

    One would surely be Mystery of the Stallion ai??i?? a limited edition tie up necklet featuring two stallion faces handcrafted with natural shell and the rare and beautiful Swarovski Ma i s o n Ma r t i n Ma r g i e l a Crystalicite, which is an engineering marvel. Then, thereai??i??s our Gunmetal Grace. The contrasting pairing of gunmetal and pearls is what makes this necklet stand out. The Glory Of The Mane is the third piece Iai??i??d like to highlight. The central stone is interchangeable, making it super versatile.

    Whatai??i??s in the pipeline?

    We have loads to look forward to. We are launching our e-store as well as our flagship store in Mumbai. We recently did a collaboration with Swarovski elements called The Confluence. Designers like Rohit Bal, JJ Valaya, Manish Arora and Suneet Varma were also part of this initiative.

    Rs 12,000 upwards. At The Collonade, Old Airport Road.
    Details: 40921671
    ai??i?? Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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