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Ubera��s autonomous driving technology could reduce road casualties.

DRIVER-LESS car technology has been underway for years now, with carmakers like Audi, Ford, Mercedes, Lexus and BMW competing to roll out the first truly autonomously-driven vehicle in the world. However, a cab-hiring giant like Uber testing out its own version of this technology bears greater significance because it could mean the end of the hired cabbie. Uber is currently testing a self-driven Ford Fusion Hybrid in Pittsburg (USA), which is home to its Advanced Technologies Centre. This Uber is equipped with radars, high-resolution cameras and motion sensors to help the car navigate through busy roads without any intervention from a human driver. The sensors take in data from the immediate environment and map out an obstacle-free course for the car after detecting cyclists, pedestrians and other road users.
No mana��s land
Uber elaborates that the development of autonomous driving is imperative to reducing casualties on the road, since 94 per cent of those accidents involve human error. Apart from increased safety, the taxi service company states that self-driven Ubers would offer other benefits like lowering of traffic congestion and reduced riding fares. As of now, the technology is still being tested for glitches, with a trained driver in the drivera��s seat, ready to take charge of the car in the event of a situation beyond the cara��s control. The a�?Steel Citya�� of Pittsburg has been chosen as the ideal environment for testing the self-driven Fusion, owing to the wide variety of terrains, traffic patterns and weather conditions it offers.

Details: uber.com
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