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    Poet and actress Evelyn Sharma says her first single, Something Beautiful, is about her a�?opening up to the worlda��

    Evelyn Sharma is no longer considered a foreigner in Bollywood. The Indian-German actress entered the industry in 2012 with the movie, From Sydney with Love, and has worked in six projects so far. Her co-stars have ranged from Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone to Varun Dhawan, Ayushmann Khurrana and Prateik Babbar. Last year, she was in the news for her bikini-clad appearance in 2013a��s most popular song, Sunny Sunny (Yaariyan). Now Sharma is all set to turn singer. After Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt and Salman Khan, she will be releasing her first song, Something Beautiful, this month. The song, produced by Indo-American rapper Brooklyn Shanti, is slow and melodious. HerA� agile voice is definitely more impressive than her dialogue delivery in films. In an interview with us, she shares her love of poetry and why nothing in life comes easy:

    Tell us about your collaboration with Brooklyn Shanti and your new song?
    I had met Shanti when I was working for the film From Sydney with Love. I was randomly humming a tune when Shanti heard me and said I have a beautiful voice. He wanted to record something back then but I was too shy. I also used to write poems so his idea was to pick one of my poems, jazz it up a little with good music and produce a song. It was only because of his encouragement that I agreed to making this music video.

    How long did you work on Something Beautiful?
    It is amazing that the song is actually ready. We have been talking about it for the past two years. I wrote the lyrics, Shanti worked on the music. The song is very dramatic. We shot it last year in New York City. I wanted a mix of American and Indian in the song. If you notice, it has a western feel but is sung by an Indian actress. I also wanted it to be fashionable so my outfits are by designers likeA� Rocky S and Wendell Rodricks.

    What is your inspiration for the song?
    It is a very emotional song for me. I wrote it when I was a teenager, at a time when I thought I was useless and was feeling dejected. Then there is this one person in your life who comes and gives you the confidence that you are a beautiful person and so talented. I still write a lot of poems.

    Does it depict your journey in life?
    Of course it does. It is me opening up to the world. For those who have had a break up, are depressed and low, this song will cheer them up. This song is only because I want to be a singer, not because I want any commercial hype.

    Are you satisfied with the roles you are getting to do?
    I am super happy. I have three movies and I play the lead in all of them. I am getting to do different genres like thriller, comedy, romance, etc, but I would also like to try a negative role. Why not?

    What should we expect from your upcoming movies?
    There is a love story, in which I play a very Indian girl in salwars. The name of the movie is yet to be announced. I am also working on Bhaiyyaji Superhit with Sunny Deol.

    Have you made friends in the industry?
    Everyone gossips in the industry. Some of them hate you, some like you. I have my bunch of non-industry friends and I dona��t really care who is talking what about me. I keep to myself. I also have a new pup, Buchkoo, that does not spare my carpets.

    Has it been a struggle in Bollywood?
    Nothing comes easy in life. The chance to be part of a movie is a big deal and then sustaining your market in the industry is the next big task.

    a�� Mrinalini Sundar


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