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Taj celebrates the typically North Indian delights of this route

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If you love driving all over the country, especially on highways you would not have missed the mouth-watering delights. As you move up North of India and cross Delhi, Haryana and Punjab, the aroma of fresh food draws you into the dhaba kitchens. Thata��s the inspiration for the theme behind the food festival National Highway at Taj Deccan’s Indian restaurant Spice Junxion which starts today and will continue till April 24.
As part of the platter are delectable delights like Ambarsari Machhi, Tangdi Kebab, Rajma, Chana Masala and hot jalebis. The food platter has been curated based on restaurants on the national highway of Northern India.
No wonder that the food has the distinct Delhi influence. Punjab’s touch is evident in the lotus stems on the food. The platter comprises starters like sweet lassi and aam panna. For starters there are items like Chatpati Dahi Arbi. The Main course has Palak Gosht, Paneer Bhurji, Pakoda Kadhi and more with an impressive list of desserts. Time: 12.30 pm-11.30 pm. Price: Approx `2,000++ taxes. Details: 66663939
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