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    Tonight is special. Out of all the gigs that have happened in the recent past at Indigo Live Music Bar, this one stands out. We present a special project by Sickflip, a bass heavy solo project brought to life by Sarvesh Shrivastava, 22-year-old music producer and DJ from Mumbai and also the founder of the Drum & Bass collective a�� Mental Martians. While such music may not always be a hit on radio, it is almost certain that these DJs get their share of glory from this medium anyway.

    Hills excite me. And so does this gig because Sickflip will present tonight, The Ladakh Project, a musical initiative that has been inspired by the sights and sounds of Ladakh that Shrivastava experienced during his trek through that lovely picturesque hilly region.

    After his trip to Ladakh in 2013 with friends, he returned home and re-interpreted his experience with music. Sickflip brought The Outbox Project collective on board to capture the essence of the journey through time-lapse videos and still photography over a two weeks.

    SickFlip music ranges from bass heavy and interesting glitch hop to deep experimental sounds. It carries a mix of calm, happy and melodic vibes contrasting with heavy, face melting, chest rattling, hectic sequences. That is why it can be enjoyed as a live experience or happily on the road in your car weaving through traffic jams. And when the album comes with such history, you might really want to relive it on your road trip a�� be it a whole CD or just a few songs that the RJ plays for you.

    The Ladakh Project is a five -track EP, an audio-visual showcase, as well as a music video. The five-track EP covers five parts of their journey through two weeks. The music video and the audio-visual showcase practically document the entire journey including panoramic landscapes and the exact spots where he sat to write his music.

    I am looking forward to Sickflipa��s performance tonight at Indigo Live Music Bar. So if you want to experience Ladakh through music, make sure you join in too. And although we dona��t always say this, wea��ll make an exception here: turn off the radio for once and catch this live!


    Trigam Mukherjee

    m trigam.m@jupitermail.in
    Trigam Mukherjee is a communications A�and events specialist with Radio Indigo


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