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    Ghulam Niyaz Khan

    Ghulam Niyaz Khan brings A�his favourite ragas, bhajans and more to the city

    AT the age of three, Ghulam Niyaz Khan knew he was born to sing. In fact, one of the earliest memories of the grandson of Ustad Ghulam Nissar Hussain Khan is listening to paltas, tans, phirats and zamzamas, and understanding the depth of ragas. He did his training from the ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata and belongs to the Ramput Sahaswan Gharana. Though he has performed at the famous Dover Lane festival in Kolkata, the Sangeet Natak Academy, Lucknow, and international concerts, this is his first concert in the city.

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    At the Museum Theatre, Khan will begin with a bhajan, followed by classical, semi-classical, thumri and his favourite raag yaman (similarly to Kayalani raga in classical music). a�?I usually prepare an hour before the recital and start with raag yaman. Actually, everything depends on your mood, whether you start with a bhajan or classical,a�? says Khan. Considering that playback singing is every singera��s dream and the big ticket to instant fame, is he open to that? a�?Of course, ita��s my dream to work with A R Rahman as I think he has a strong classical base in this music. And final notes for young students of classical music? a�?Ita��s important to have a strong foundation to start with. A classical singer can sing any song. So concentrate on your sur, taal and notes and you can never go wrong,a�? he signs off.

    Ghulam Niyaz Khan will play at Museum Theatre, on November 19 at 7 pm. Tickets are priced from Rs 200 onwards. Details: indianstage.in

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