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    With a new terrace-top multi-sport arena, football and cricket enthusiasts have a new playground.

    Adding to sports arenas like Tiki Taka andA� Kick Off, the new player in town is Game On, with its multi-sports space, all set to launch this Sunday. Built 100 feet above ground level, on a total area of over 12,000 square feet, it uses spider nets (a type of rebound net) for football, for the first time in India. So far, ita��s been used only in Australia for cricket and in Europe for football.
    a�?During my travels to Melbourne and Sydney a few years ago, I noticed that sports facilities built on terraces are quite popular there. Taking inspiration from it, Game On was conceived,a�? says Rajiv Sampat, managing director of Samson Foundations, which has been into development of commercial properties for over 15 years now.

    Open to six-year-olds and above, Game On marks the foray of Samson Foundations into a sports facility with one futsal pitch and two cricket 1lanes. Having Netz Cricket (which operates a cricket arena at Chennai Citi Centre) on board as the operational partner, facilities include safety padding, speed and spin turf for cricket, FIFA approved maximum dense grass for futsal, high intensity LED floodlights, viewing gallery with a capacity for over 100 and a cafeteria that serves healthy ready-to-eat options like sandwiches, kati rolls and juices, among others. To provide technical coaching with the help of machines, a�?we will be introducing machines like a double-wheeled simulation in the next few days at the arena,a�? adds Mohammed Yusuf, executive director of Netz Cricket and Game On. With tournaments in the pipeline, children between the age of six and 14 can also undergo training by K Bhaskar (AFC C license holder) for football and Santhosh Gopi (BCCI Level 1 player) for cricket.

    At Pantheon Road, from 6 am to 10 pm, every day. Rs 2,000 onwards per hour for football and Rs 1,000 onwards per hour for cricket. Details: 7401464646

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