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    Crea Shakthi and The Madras Players tackle the legendary filmmakera��s Rope, and realise that it isna��t too easy

    The city needs to see more of Alfred Hitchcocka��s work believes Abhinav Suresh, artistic director at Crea Shakthi and an ardent fan of the master of suspense. So he is working at bringing on stage what is considered the auteura��s most audacious work, Rope. The chilling 1948 psychological thriller is about two youngsters indulging in murder as an intellectual exercise. Even as it was feted for its path-breaking filmmaking, it was not considered Hitchcocka��s best. Though Suresh admits the same, he says, a�?Rope was his most daring.a�?

    Considered a pioneer in visual effects, the movie was made using long tracking shots to make it appear like a seamless, one-shot film. In the same spirit, its 90-minute-adaptation, says Suresh, will have no break and no blackouts. Casting, too, has been done to keep the characters as close as possible to the original moviea��like the lean frame, curly hair and studious looks of the actors playing theA� protagonists, Prasanna Venkatesh and Vaishwath Shankar (Brandon Shaw & Philip Morgan).

    While Rope, the movie, was inspired by a 1929 play by Patrick Hamilton of the same name, the upcoming play has adapted neither entirely, says Suresh, who has directed five plays so far. a�?The original is dated and the movie is not suited to be recreated on stage. Wea��ve retained the essential plot and characters, but the ending is different,a�? he says. The cast also includes PC Ramakrishna, Sarvesh Sridhar and Sharon Krishna Rao. The production is being presented by Crea Shakthi in collaboration with The Madras Players.
    November 20-22, at the Museum Theatre, at 7.15 pm. Rs 200 to Rs 500. Details: bookmyshow.com

    Sharadha Narayanan


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