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    Ahead of the wedding season, we talk to Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings and Events, for pointers on making your big day memorable

    Over the past few months, Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings and Events, the partnership between Rohit Bal, Jeh Bajaj and Jalal Salahuddin, has curated around five weddings for families like the Balis from Delhi and the Reddys from Hyderabad. With services like destination management, design and decor, entertainment, choreography, styling and photography on their calling card, we get chatting with Bal and Salahuddin about what their predictions for 2015 are.1
    We begin with a basic a�� colour. a�?If I had to name a few, I would definitely go with marsala, indigo and exotic cream,a�? says Salahuddin, while Bal feels that even dark colours that are catching on in the West hold good in India. a�?I dona��t think dark or light colours are an issue as Indian traditional design incorporates a magnitude of colours. We also have a�?no coloura�� wedding themes like the cocktail party we just did, which had a French Garden theme where we used mostly exotic cream,a�? he says, also pointing out that blooms like a�?nargis (poeta��s daffodil) and lotus along with hydrangea, tulips and exotic flowersa�? will be the way to go this year.
    On the subject of traditional or modern themes, Salahuddin insists that one does not need to choose between the two. a�?You can do a traditional wedding in a modern style. We reinterpret everything and there is a lot of that happening in India today,a�? he shares, adding, a�?Royal Rajasthan, 18th century French ballroom, jewel colours of a Persian carpet and a flowery lemon grove by the Amalfi coast are settings I would recommend.a�?
    Coming to the most important topic of them all, the wedding dress, Bal says that the modern dress is more about styling rather than embellishment. a�?Because the modern bride and groom want to be more involved with the wedding instead of simply sitting on a stage. So the dress also has to have that au courant feel,a�? he concludes.
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