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    A music-only webstore springs up in the city

    HARDLY a few months old, Guitarstreet.in, started by Utkarsh Apoorva, Madhu GS and Saket Jalan, recently sold their 100th guitar.

    a�?We aim to fill the gap between our dreams of being musicians and the cost of following that dream,a�? he begins. Being Indiaa��s first online specialist music equipment store, the depth and range of products available on GuitarStreet is spot on, with trends and also very approachable. a�?The sales team of GuitarStreet comprises professional musicians who can personally guide the customer to maximise value,a�? Apoorva explains, assuring us that despite customers being unable to touch and feel the instruments before buying it, their detailed non-technical description plus the technical specifications make the buying experience well rounded. For the skeptics, they will soon have audio files of every musical instrument uploaded on the platform.

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    Standing tall with over 60,000 Facebook a�?likesa��, Guitarsteet has now started to sell Indian classical instruments too. Currently, the webstore offers acoustic, semi-acoustic and electric instruments across top brands like Yamaha, Granada, Walden and the affordable Sonido and Ashton too. Apart from guitarists, drummers and keyboardists have plenty of choice. As do sound engineers with the vast number of amplifiers and microphones. They also have a small yet impressive selection of harmonicas, violins and accordions.
    The webstore is strict on their 24-hour delivery with a trial-basis same-day-delivery schedule.

    Rs. 500 upwards for accessories and Rs. 3,000 upwards for instruments.A�Details: guitarstreet.in

    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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