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    The third Southern Harley Owner Group Rally beckons with yoga, open barbecues and mechanical bull rides

    It doesna��t matter whether youa��re used to cruising cross country on your Superlow or tearing up the road on your Street 750. If you own a Harley-Davidson, youa��re invited to contribute to the roar of bikes that will make their way to the third edition of the Southern HOG (Harley Owner Group) rally in Hyderabad. After the 350-odd bikes that were spotted at the second edition in Mahabalipuram last year, Ricken Desai, one of the organisers from the Banjara Hyderabad HOG chapter, says theya��re prepared for at least 500 mean machines this year. The event (September 26-28), taking place at Novotel Hyderabad, will feature mechanical bull rides, tattoo parlours, tug of war challenges, and more. a�?But ita��s the ride to the venue that will be the focus,a�? Desai insists, pointing out that riders are expected to pour in from New Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad, in addition to the Southern chapters.
    a�?We formerly used to communicate through hand signals while riding, but now we all connect via Bluetooth headsets,a�? shares Vergis KR, CEO of city-based Uniware Systems, who has done over 15 rides on his Harley (most of them with his wife). Vergis is one of the bikers making the trip from Chennai. a�?This year, there will be a special yoga session that will teach riders about asanas that help on long rides,a�? Desai shares, adding that other highlights will be an open barbecue set up by Webber, and Irish whiskey by Jameson.
    One of the popular stalls at the rally is the a�?swap shopa��, where bikers can exchange spares, wea��re told. a�?We have had people meet for the first time and exchange handlebars promising to return for the next meet and swap them back,a�? he shares, pointing out that above all, it is the spirit of brotherhood that draws men and women (anywhere between their 20s and 60s) to the rally. From today, till September 28. Details: harley-davidson.com/content/h-d/en_IN/home.html

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