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    Mexican flavour in an American-Italian avatar at CPK

    WHILE Mexico, USA and Italy are battling it out on the pitches in Brazil, California Pizza Kitchen brings together the three countries in their Mexifornia food festival.

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    While you gorge on CPK nachos topped with in-house sour cream, jalapeA�os and molten cheese, send the kids off to the a�?make your own tapasa�� section and choose their base, toppings and garnish from the live counter.

    Still prefer a slice of Italy? Then add a taste of Mexico with Tijuana chicken pizza, or a simple egg and mince meat affair loaded with bell peppers and scallions. Vegetarians will love the Serrano Cotija pizza in traditional Baja style which means only fresh ingredients. This translates into a pizza with copious amounts of cheese, roasted corn, mushrooms topped with a hint of lime cream and scallions. Those who like their veggies, make sure you sample the Southwestern pizza topped with grilled onions, tomatoes, baby corn, broccoli, oregano and sour cream. When youa��re up to your neck in pizza, do sample the Baja fish that comes neatly wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed with the famous Albuquerque sauce.

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    You may want to return for a California-style burritto though, which overflows with California rice, refried black bean sauce, cheddar cheese and served with their famous home-made BBQ sauce. And the Tex-Mex fajita wrapped in freshly made tortillas, served with sides of guacamole, tomato salsa and sour cream.

    We were stuffed to the gills, but made space for some sinful apple enchiladas (crisp wonton sheets with apple compote and Philadelphia cheese) with vanilla ice cream and coconut lime tres leches cake, a popular Mexican dessert which is light and fluffy.

    Rs. 1,000 upwards for two. At 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar (64058888) and Koramangala (65696569)

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