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    A taste of authentic cuisine set in a homely ambience

    Nestled in bustling Indiranagar is Chinita, a cozy little spot that promises authenticity and lives up to its word. The slate floors, wooden benches, exposed brick wall and tiny vertical garden make Chinita, meaning little Asian girl and named after their head chef and partner, Candice Mirchandani, a homely place.

    Having sampled their food at santes around the city, we came in with high expectations. But once we gorged on the beef nachos appetiser we knew we were in for a bigger treat a�� succulent pieces of well-cooked beef over a bed of crisp, fresh nachos, melted cheese, home-made sour cream and pico de gallo. Satisfied and curious, we headed into the mains.

    Food8Anchor1We ordered the braised pork burrito and its version in a bowl, the chicken tacos, and the prawn tostada. As we sipped on a fresh lime drink, Sameer Mirchandani, one of the partners informed us that most everything is made in-house everyday a�� from the nacho crisps right up to the sour cream.

    The braised pork with rice and refried beans was filled with flavour and the chicken tacos were moist with just the right amount of spice. We appreciated that the wrap was fresh and thin, rather than the deep-fried shell variety. Be sure to try the tostadas as they are reminiscent of the Indian papad, except topped with Mexican flavour. Our choice of prawn was a piquant affair of fresh sea food topped simply, and deliciously with pico de gallo, a fresh salsa salad.

    Stuffed as we were, we decided to loosen the belt buckle and try the flan and chocolate chilli cake from the dessert section. And we were more than satisfied with the set custard with caramel top flan and the gooey chocolate cake that came with a lovely, subtle pungency at the end. So much so, we ordered the cake to go as well!

    Rs. 1,000++ for two. At CMH Road, Indiranagar. Details: 41637107

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