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    Therea��s been no shortage of things to do this week, with a�?Holia�� giving everyone the license to go crazy. One section of party goers chose to make the drive to Bengaluru to catch EDM sensation Deadmau5, while the rest chose to stick around and indulge in the usual colour-filled madness. I do have it on good authority though that Deadmau5 made the drive well worth it. Fans got to enjoy their favourites hits, in an extremely well put together show. Stunning visual effects, lights, pretty much everything wea��ve come to expect from Sunburn.

    Meanwhile, back in Chennai, we got to celebrate one of this yeara��s most awaited culinary fiestas, Masters of Food and Wine a��Season 2, at the Park Hyatt. The format is great, where guests get to interact with visiting chefs from around the world, while they put together signature dishes. This year, the showcase included Singaporean, Polish, Bengali, Afghani and Italian live counters, along with fine wines selected by sommelier Sergi Castro. My favourites were the Polish offeringsa��succulent roast duck, dumplings in a clear broth and wild rice with mushrooms. Other favourites were the Singaporean live counter, with Chef Lee keeping everyone entertained, as well as the home-style Bengali classics by Chef Partha Roy. Dessert was a bit of a treasure hunt, with goodies laid out in various nooks around a�?The Apartmenta��.

    Later in the week, things were a�?steereda�� in a different direction (pun intended), with the Australian National Drag Racing Association hosting a _MG_8351special evening at the Hyatt Regency. While our Aussie buddies have, over the years, taught us a lot about fine wines from their region, this time they shed some light on the most powerful motor sport in the world. Guests were given a virtual experience over cocktails. AK Tareen played host, telling us about the nationwide road show that is underway.

    We wound up the week-long party at the first anniversary of Illusions, where owner Dennis Arasu created an evening inspired by the movie Coyote Uglya��with most of the entertainment centered around the bar. Karun Raman and his team of models also did their bit to keep theA� crowd engaged.

    a�� Paloma Rao (paloma@newindianexpress.com)


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