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    From liquor jalebis to Jewish and Japanese short eats, what to expect at festive spreads across the city

    Diwali is not just about firecrackers and new clothes, but also about a big meal that ends on a very sweet note. Herea��s what some of the leading hotels in the city have to offer this weekend:

    Pasta and play,A�Hyatt Regency

    A special brunch today and tomorrow at Spice Haat, Hyatt Regency, extends across multiple live stations like pasta, chaat and beverages with everything from kebabs to salads and soup. Their now popular Hamleys Play zone for kids sees burgers, fish fingers and cream pasta. The Diwali brunch is priced at Rs 1,699 plus taxes and Rs 1,999 plus taxes (with alcoholic beverages). Details: 61001234

    Kebabs, Taj Club House

    Taj Club House has salads, dhokla, a live kebab counter with varieties like broccoli Simla mirch kebab, and everything from lasooni jhinga and basil to chilli murg tikka. Plus, there is chaat for the snackers, Lucknowi dum biryani for those with an appetite, and pasta burfi for dessert. At Rs 1,200 plus tax and Rs 1,700 (with beverages). Details: 66313131

    Global fest, The Westin

    Also celebrate Chahahshanbe Suri (for Iranians), Hanukkah (for Jews), Kobe Luminaire (for Japanese) and Kauai (for Hawaiians). The hotel sports unusual dishes like koofte nokhod-chi (Iranian style beef), yakitori (Japanese style chicken), carrot and orange mock kishke (a Jewish dish) and gosht dum biryani badshahi. The theme extends to the desserts, with baklava and kasutera cake. Today and tomorrow, at Rs 1,683 inclusive of taxes. Details: 22553366

    Indian mix, The Raintree

    At The Raintree Hotel, Anna Salai, lunch is a colourful example of national integration, says the GM Hemant Mehta, not revealing much. The buffet is priced at Rs 875 for lunch and Rs 950 for dinner. Details: 42252525. And at their St Marya��s address, look for sugar free kalakand and a loaded buffet for Rs 1,200, that includes beer. Details: 24304050

    Liquor jalebis, The Park

    A special dinner and lunch buffet on November 2 includes regional specialities on the menu like tawa murg kebab and galouti kebab stuffed in ulta tawa paratha. Vegetarians can binge on adraki palak tawa (spinach) kebab, while the highlight is the liquor jalebi counter and a mithai platter. Priced at `1,250 plus taxes for lunch. Details: 42676000

    Maami select, Ramada

    The restaurant at the hotel in Egmore has maamis coming in to whip up a traditional bakshanam. According to the GM Prakash Chandran , a�?We have maamis from Mylapore who make snacks like muruku, adhirsam, maa ladoos and thatai.a�? Available for both lunch and dinner, the buffet is priced at Rs 950 and Rs 1,499 (with alcohol). Details: 30004777

    a�� Mrinalini Sundar

    (Pictures P Ravikumar)


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