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Get out the DVDs as you shouldn’tmiss these iconicscenes from English movies that feature the Ford Mustang

Bullitt (1968)
No mention of a Ford Mustang in Hollywood is complete without thelegendary car chase scene from Bullitt. With Steve McQueen at the wheel of the 1968 Mustang GT and a hitman following in a Dodge Charger, the car chase scene set the standards high for future movies,and even won Editor Frank Keller an Academy Award.

Gone in 60Seconds (2000)
While the original movie was from 1974, we just can’t get over Nicolas Cage and hislove-hate relationship with ‘Eleanor’ — a 1967 Shelby GT 500 in this 2000 remake. Allthe scenes with Eleanor in them — from the first time it is shown parked with its
gleaming paint job and then when he steals it, this Shelby has been planted in everypetrolhead’s brain forever. Not to forget that the original Eleanor was even given a credit in the 1974 movie — a tribute never made for a car before.

I am Legend (2007)

The last generation Mustang may not havehad a major role in this 2007 Will Smith starrer, but the way it was featured isunforgettable. Driving around an abandoned city is the perfect tribute to theMustang’s pedigree as the exhaust roarechoes through the empty streets long before you catch sight of the car. The bright red paint and double white racing stripes also add that rush of adrenaline to the zombie chase scenes


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