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Get out the DVDs as you shouldna��tmiss these iconicscenes from English movies that featureA�the Ford Mustang

Bullitt (1968)
No mention of a Ford Mustang inA�Hollywood is complete without thelegendary car chase scene from Bullitt.A�With Steve McQueen at the wheel of theA�1968 Mustang GT and a hitman followingA�in a Dodge Charger, the car chase sceneA�set the standards high for future movies,and even won Editor Frank Keller anA�Academy Award.

Gone in 60Seconds (2000)
While the original movie was from 1974, weA�just cana��t get over Nicolas Cage and hislove-hate relationship with a�?Eleanora�� a�� aA�1967 Shelby GT 500 in this 2000 remake. Allthe scenes with Eleanor in them a�� from theA�first time it is shown parked with its
gleaming paint job and then when he stealsA�it, this Shelby has been planted in everypetrolheada��s brain forever. Not to forgetA�that the original Eleanor was even given aA�credit in the 1974 movie a�� a tribute neverA�made for a car before.

I am Legend (2007)

The last generation Mustang may not havehad a major role in this 2007 Will SmithA�starrer, but the way it was featured isunforgettable. Driving around anA�abandoned city is the perfect tribute to theMustanga��s pedigree as the exhaust roarechoes through the empty streets longA�before you catch sight of the car. TheA�bright red paint and double white racingA�stripes also add that rush of adrenaline toA�the zombie chase scenes


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