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With talks on for a fourth installment
of Expendables, here are some
actor who may fit in

fast-and-furious-6-still031Enter the villain
Though Stone Cold Steve Austin was the first WWE wrestler to be part of The Expendables franchise, action king Dwayne Johnson, or The Rock, would be a good addition to the next version. This star, who has boosted franchises like Fast and Furious, The Mummy and G I Joe will bring in some style and muscle to the movie. In fact, rather than being part of the team, the actor wants to be their rival in the movie. a�?a�?I don’t want to be on their team and be buddies with them. F**k that noise. I want to hunt every single one of them down and tell them to a�?send your soul to heaven causeyour a** is minea��,a��a�� he had said recently.
Now that would be fun to watch.


Touch of humour
Though this franchise has just enough humour, adding Mark Wahlberg to the list would not hurt. Having shown some varietya��with movies like Ted, and a serious role in Lone Survivora��Wahlberg would make a good choice as an expendable. In fact when director Michael Bay chose the 43-year-old to make the sequel to Transformers, there were rumours of Wahlberg being part of the third instalment. Hopefully, he will make it to the fourth.

Good to be bad
Karate king Jackie Chan has always been the hero. But the Asian actor has expressed interest in the next installment of The Expendables and, like The Rock, as a villain. Now that will be worth a watch. a�?a�?I (want to be) against all the Expendable guys, but as a good-bad guy. Ia��m a good guy at the end,a��a�� he said. a�?a�?If I go against them, I stand out. Otherwise Ia��m (part of) the group,a�? said the actor, adding, a�?Stallone liked me to join two and three but at the time, I was doing Dragon Blade in the desert. If the script is right, (there arena��t) that many people and my part is more importanta��its not just coming in for three seconds or two minutes and then a�?byea��a��I would do it, especially with so many big stars,a��a�� he said.

RobertDe-Niro1Small impact
Having done fantastic films like The Godfather, Robert De Niro is one actor who is most likely to feature in the next instalment of the movie. Having worked with Stallone in Grudge Match, the 71-year-old has been wanting to be a part of it for long. Though Niro has small roles in upcoming movies like The Bag Man, The Intern and Hands of Stone, the actor might just take up a small role in this instalment too.



Woman power
Though an all women Expenda Belles project was proposed two years ago, there has not been much progress. Expendables 2 director Simon West was the first to express interest. a�?a�?I like the idea of the Expenda-Belles where ita��s seven or eight women mercenaries. It would be Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Milla Jovovich, the list goes on. It would be running parallel. They would meet up and then they would fight and they would join up and
save each other.a��a��

A taste of Bond
Though former 007 Pierce Brosnan has been busy promoting his spy thriller The November Man (that is close to the British spy role), he would be the best choice for the fourth instalment of The Expendables movie. In a recent interview he said, a�?Sylvester Stallone is the one thata��s given us these wonderful platforms for actors who have had careers to go play and have fun and to entertain. To bring a bunch of guys together who saved the world, fought the bad guys, and put them all on the same stage, thata��s crazy good. Ita��s just about entertainment. Avi Lerner is somebody Ia��ve heard about and his movies always have a big, brash entertainment value to them. You can really change the world and thata��s great, but The Expendables? Yeah, Ia��d love to do The Expendables. Ita��s just a kick in the pants.a�?


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