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    Exclusive caterers who can whip up delightful dishes right in your home and in your own hearth

    Baadam kii jaali
    Talk about any lavish scrumptious spread in a Hyderabadi family during old days and it was never complete without Baadam Kii Jaali. Now, this delicacy is rarely available. So for socialite and artist Anju Poddar the source of this sweetmeat is home based people who know the art of making Baadam Kii Jaali. She recommends, a�?The Baadam Kii Jaali made by an elderly lady Nafeesa based in Old City is what I order for feasts and other occasions.a�? Price: `1,700 per kg. Details: 24561869

    Arabian delights
    Arabic mezze platters are finding favour in the City of Pearls not just on weekend family meals but on party feasts as well. Those smoking plates of Baba Ghanoush and Muttabaq set the typical Arabian style on the feast table. Socialite Jaya Baheti who swears by Arabian food spreads shares, a�?We often invite guests and serve them Arabian food. The caterers in the city know their food.a�? She recommends restaurant Spice 6 whose specialty is Maghluba a variant of Qabsa Laham yellow in colour because saffron is added to the flavoured rice cooked with pieces of mutton and crunchy fried nuts. Another specialty of theirs is Samak Al Faham, a preparation of fish that appears white after it is cooked. Price starts from `299++ taxes. Details: 33165367

    Royal Rajasthan
    Want to give that typical royal feel to your guests? What better way can it be done than by spreading Rajasthani thhalis for them? Well, Saavan Sukh Caterers do just that. The thhali comprises mouth-watering desert delights like Dal Baati Churma, Mirchi Kii Sabzi, Gatte Ka Saag, Laal Maans, Tali Hui Machhli along with an array of pickles, raita, papads and sweets like Gulab kii Kheer. Says owner Mohit Agarwwal, a�?For the New Year parties 15 people have contacted us so far as they want to do the parties traditional way.a�? Their specialty? All items are cooked in pure ghee on wood-fire. Price per plate: `400++ taxes. Details: 900077108

    Fishy business
    Bored with the same typical dosa, idli and sambar spread each time your guests ask for South Indian spread? Well for a change you can choose Kaushik Caterers as they serve varities of gangura and pulusu. What makes them special is that on their platter you will find methaldu, a sea fish rich in protein. a�?We cook it with mild chillies and the taste is on the sweeter note,a�? says the owner Laxmi Narayan. Socialite Anisha Tandon who swears by this caterer says, a�?For a lot of occasions I have called these caterers and they never cease to amaze.a�? Price per plate: `300++ taxes. Details: 9866721555

    Ita��s that time of the year when everybody is in a party mood. And what better way to throw a party than by getting exclusive caterers who come to your home and serve exclusive dishes like Tali Hui Machhli, luchi, pulusu and more. Some of them can even give you a complete meal from another state with an authentic touch to it.

    Text: Saima Afreen


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