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    Occupying the spacious bungalow that once housed Cinnamon on the buzzing Walton Road is the new Good Earth store, their flagship address for all of South India. Spread across 10,000 square feet, and two floors, with a juice and salad bar, bakery and flower shop on its premises, the store is designed by the renowned Sandeep Khosla. CEO, Simran Lal, lets us in on the details.

    Moving house.
    It is primarily to showcase our in-house handcrafted apparel line, Sustain more prominently. Ita��s a much bigger space than our store at UB City, which is shutting down. From our farshis to odhnis and lines like Mogra, Syahi, Rosana to Kinari, you can expect fine handcrafted garments widely displayed here.

    On the design.
    Wea��ve used a lot of reclaimed and distressed wood, chandeliers and textiles for a multi-layered and textured effect. The colour scheme is neutral with shades like charcoal, ivory and grey to better showcase the products. The projection screens, a first for Good Earth, will play our short films, like Pehchaan, which is about the making of a luxury quilt.

    The online space.1
    We get orders from across the globe. We have no idea how they hear about us but ita��s an indication that therea��s a massive untapped market out there. So wea��re also focusing on our web boutique.
    What the future holds.
    In January 2016, we will be sponsoring the Fabrics of India show at the Victoria Albert Museum in London. Wea��ll also be setting up a small pop up at their exhibition shop. This is a huge deal for us. And since our store in Ankara, Turkey, is doing well, we are in talks to open one in Istanbul.

    he kalamkari craft
    This year, Good Earth shines the spotlight on Machilipatnam kalamkari, which uses vegetable dyes in its prints. Christened The Cabana Collection, it features sarongs, odhnis and home textiles all crafted by small time artisans from the region. a�?We retain these artisans forever as ita��s a struggle to convince them to continue their craft,a�? shares Lal, adding, a�?Our director Beenu Bawa, is at Machilipatnam filming the process, as we speak.a�?

    Take a break
    ? Fresh Pressery is a start up known
    for their cold pressed drinks. At their first cafe, they will be serving organic sandwiches, salads and more
    ? Rolling Pin, an Indo-German bakery offers everything from blackforest cakes to lemon squares.
    ? Flower Box will offer a range
    of flowers and bouquets, like tulips and agapanthus sourced from
    around the world

    At Walton Road. Details: 41738870
    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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