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    A new website seeks to ease your house-hunting woes

    Finding paying guest accommodation often throws a spanner in the works of all that getting-to-know-a-new-city excitement. While adjusting to a different vibe and familiarising yourself with getting around is challenging enough, zeroing in on a decent place to stay can prove nightmarish for many. To put a stop to all these woes, two Bengaluru ladies with first hand experience, decided to take matters into their own hands and a�?streamline this highly unorganised sector.a��
    HomelyPG.com, launched in April by Jaya Nair and Sujatha Ramani, curates homes based on criteria like area and price. a�?We have an inventory of 3,000 beds across 250 homes,a�? reveals Ramani, adding that their team personally visits these houses to check for cleanliness and facilities available. a�?Out of 10 places they visit, we only sign on two to three, as we are not keen on onboarding houses that dona��t meet our standards of hygiene,a�? says Nair. Once the customer reaches a decision, they will be prompted to book a bed. The payment is done on the website and HomelyPG then hands over the money to the PG owner, after taking their cut. a�?The platform gives the homeowners advertisement, which they wouldna��t otherwise get,a�? explains Ramani.
    With properties in areas like Sarjapur Road, Whitefield, Nagawara, and Electronic City, their services are also available in Pune, with Chennai set to launch in a few months. They plan to reach a sizeable number of clients before introducing a feature where one can choose their roommates based on interests and backgrounds.
    Beds are available from Rs 5,000. Details: homelypg.com

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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