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    They hunt in pairs. That said, they arena��t The Ghost and The Darkness of the medium, but a clear and present form of how to be a winner for the brand that you represent. When they won their first New York Radio award last year, it made many heads turn, while others looked the other way. But the second award they picked up this year proves that Bengaluru-based Manu Tripathi (programme director) and RJ Disha Oberoi know exactly what to do to rake up the accolades. Herea��s my chat with the winners.

    Youa��ve won the award twice, something not many have accomplished.
    Manu: What can I say except that I am elated, overjoyed and super happy! In fact, I think I can now take to farming. On a more serious note, I have always believed that the standard of radio in India is as good as anywhere in the world and the New York award is testimony to that. I do think we are on the right track with respect to the sound and we are getting better each year.
    Describe the a�?Reda�� sound?
    Manu: Red FMa��s sound is very earthy, natural and louda��like the streets of India. I think our sound distinguishes us as a media brand. For a station in the Hindi space for just a little over three years, our recent success at the national and international platforms show the effectiveness of our soundscape.

    Two awards in a row. You are starting to make it a habit.
    Disha: Ia��m still working on making it a habit. Ia��m only hoping I dona��t make it a habit of bringing back a bronze. Ia��ve turned into a gold digger for year three.

    How different is Indian radio when compared to international formats?
    Disha: We have great talent. Wea��re just not tripped out on exciting formats like military radio, genre-specific radio or even medical radio. When we do that, it will be brilliance on the airwaves.
    You can catch Disha Oberoi every weekday, on Morning No.1, on Superhits 93.5 Red FM. See you next week.

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    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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