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DJ Rusko on why you should be at his Bangalore gig with Nero this weekend

WITH DJ Rusko and Nero at the spintables teaming up with famous stage designers Alex Lazarus and Heather Shaw of Vita Motus, look out for a blend of technology, music and visual art at Bangalorea��s Smirnoff Experience this weekend. On the home-front, Dualist Inquiry, Bay Beat Collective, Mode7, Sandunes, Sulk Station and Vachan Chinnappa bring in the Indie vibe experiential.

Star speak
Nero, the British trio of Daniel Stephens, Joe Ray and Alana Watson, have consistently broken discography records since their debut in 2011 through collaborations with the likes of Skrillex, chart-topping singles and one highly successful studio album, Welcome Reality. Plus, they snagged a Grammy Award earlier this year for their collaborative single, Promises.A� Bringing experience and passion to the mix is Rusko a�� born Christopher Mercer, the UK-based DJ and producer. A pioneer of the EDM genre and credited to giving it a more popular, upbeat tempo, he crosses the a�?basslinea��A�with us:

The evolution of Dubstep.
Dubstep is all about beats, bass and energy. But mainly bass! It began as an amalgamation of 2-step garage and dub reggae music in
early 2000.

You and the genre.
I had been making electronic dub reggae for years before there even was a genre called dubstep. We just finally found a name to call it. It was more of a spontaneous idea to name the genre which captured the essence of step and reggae and hence the name a�?dubstepa��.

I come from a reggae background mixed with a mis-spent youth going to drum and bass parties to watch DJs like Andy C and Hype, and listening to jungle music.

Dubstep spill-over.
The influence of dubstep in popular music can be seen in the rise of a�?bassline culturea��. There are Britney Spears tracks now with bass drop sections (which, by the way, I may or may not have had something to do with!)

Favourite arena.
Red Rocks Colorado, the worlda��s largest natural amphitheatre carved into the Colorado Rocky Mountains a�� the most beautiful sound in America.

Dream collaboration.
Roger Troutman & Zapp. Obviously, I cana��t now so that is why it is my dream. RIP Roger.

December 21. At Manpho Convention Centre, Hebbal. Tickets (Rs 900 upwards)A�at bookmyshow.com

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