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    Introducing handmade totes, wallets and clutches in fabrics that please, courtesy Bangalore’s Susan John

    All you really need is a great handbag and an upbeat attitude to get going. Fortu-nately, for accessory hunters, Susan John’s (eco) friendly and fun line of handbags ‘A Sunny Disposition’ delivers both. The architect-turned-accessory designer’s brand made its debut on US website ‘Etsy’ in 2010. Marriage took her to Oregon (the US) and that’s where the Cochin native was inspired to start her line.

    In the family
    “I come from a creative family – my mom’s an interior designer and my sister a textile designer. I flirted with fashion and other options, but finally stumbled onto sewing and have been in love with it from the first stitch. Like most girls I love handbags and once I realised I was armed with the skills to make them, A Sunny Disposition was born.” John, 27, moved back to India last year and has been reaching out to fellow bag ladies on her Facebook page. Customer feedback includes commendations on her vibrant colour choices, trendy prints and little feminine touches such as an aptly placed bow or some ruffles. “I use only fabric now but intend on learning how to work with other materials soon.”

    Finding inspiration
    As for her design process, the new mom assures us that every piece is handcrafted from start to finish by her with “love, commitment and attention to detail.” Her aesthetic, like most creative people she admits, “comes from almost anything. From a vibrant skirt I see someone wear to a tasteful living room. Anything can trigger the creative process in me about the colour, composition, patterns, the structure or just the quirkiness.” John, who calls Bangalore home now, confesses that she is a regular at “popular fabric haunts in the city” where she hunts for fabric that may appeal to her as well as for special materials for her custom orders. Her new favourite bag shape, she tells us, is the ‘bucket bag’ which she promises will soon be added to the repertoire of her label.
    Pouches and iPad covers start at Rs500, handbags at Rs2,000 and above. Details: facebook.com/ASunnyDisposition
    — Shibi Kumaramangalam


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