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A police man, an impersonator, and the Sorry song kept netizens busy through the week

Hopped on
Therea��s nothing quite heartwarming like seeing a tough guy show his softer side. In this video, uploaded a week ago (with over a million views),1 a police officer is seen teaching a girl to play hopscotch in the Huntington Beach city of Orange County, California. After giving her a demonstration, and telling her the rules, the officer encourages her to play. And even though she steps on the lines (a rule that can disqualify the player), he tells her hea��ll let it go as ita��s her first time. The officer and his partner reached the spot after calls about a suspicious car parked in the neighbourhood, only to discover that a mother and her 11-year-old-daughter were living out of it. While one of the officers tried to figure out a way to get a roof over their head, the other decided to entertain the child.

Scoobya��s back
Walmart checkout clerk Brandon Olderbak was going about his daily business, when a customer Victoria Twombly, decided to film him doing a flawless impersonation of Shaggy and Scooby Doo. She uploaded it on YouTube late last week and a few days later, Olderbak had turned into an Internet celebrity. The 33-second video shows Olderbak staging a fake conversation between Shaggy and Scooby, much to the amusement of Twombly. Almost identical to the two iconic cartoon charactersa�� voices, the biggest draw is his imitation of Scoobya��s goofy laugh. The 30-year-old later went on People Now and revealed that ita��s something he does while at work all the time.

Sorry, Bieber
The cover of Justin Biebera��s Sorry cana��t get more desi than the one by Canada-based Dance With SL crew. The Internet is loving the West-meets-East, hip hop-meets-Bollywood, bhangra, and bharatanatyam remix of the chart topper. The mash-up, which has garnered more than 3,74,002 YouTube views since it was uploaded on March 30, was done jointly by choreographer Shereen Ladha, and producer J Raj. The result is a lot of colour, and quirks, thanks to an ensemble of turbans, ghaghras, and active wear. We loved this apology, or Maafi, as they have titled it.
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