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    A surprise present, the past year in songs, and a view from above make waves online

    Present perfect
    Never judge a present by its cover because sometimes, the best gifts come in unassuming packaging. And in Joe Riquelmea��s case, it was a plain white envelope for his parents with the words a�?Your house is paid off. Merry Xmas. a�� Joea�� on it. Riquelme posted the video on Boxing Day and already the clip, showing his parentsa�� emotional reaction, is at 6 million and counting hits. His generous present leaves them in tears but clearly grateful. Riquelme is the creator of iPhone app Videoshop.
    Flash dance
    Daniel Kim returns with his audio time capsule for 2014 with the pop and dance songs of the year. The perfect year-in-review, Kim has stitched together catchy and popular hits of the past year including Happy, All of Me, Talk Dirty To Me, and Uptown Funk. The mini-retrospective also throws light on recurring themes that spread across artistes in different genres like unrequited love being left in the past and celebration of life being primary. Expect Miley Cyrusa�� mopey I Adore You!
    From a distance
    German astronaut Alexander Gerst has released a six-minute timelapse showcasing 12,500 images of Earth. You can marvel at auroras, sunrises, clouds, stars and the whole Milky Way, while other space stations, lightening storms and city lights make for beautiful imagery too. Gerst captured the images over the course of six months while in Lower Earth Orbit aboard the International Space Station during what was called the Blue Dot Mission.
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