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Bollywood screenwriter and lyricist Niranjan Iyengar returns to his roots in journalism with Look Whoa��s Talking

FROM writing for G Magazine to designing with Manish Malhotra, Niranjan Iyengar tells us that his passion to try out new things got him onto the show and his personal connection with many of the guests gave him a distinct edge over the others. Before the free wheeling chat show goes live, the talented host tells us why Look Whoa��s Talking is a show that reaches beyond the glitterati of Bollywood.

OTBLead4Show USP
Firstly, it is not on a set. We take each star to a new location so there is a fresh visual in each episode. Content wise,A� there are various platforms in the media today that explore celebrity lifestyles, but very few spaces that actually try to find out what they think or feel. We are trying to fill that space. You will meet stars without defenses on the show.

Your edge over others
Since I have been a part of the indus-try for so many years, therea��s a sense of security they feel with me. It doesna��t change the dynamic much except that I tends to be a little less intrusive and they are a bit indulgent of me, I guess! The chat show doesna��t become a grill-ing session. Ita��s more freewheeling where I satisfy my curiosity and audi-ences get to know the star a bit better.

Your favourite guest
I cana��t really pick any one but with Karan Johar, Kajol and Alia (Bhatt) it was comfortable owing to their warmth and exuberance.

Whom were you most excited to speak with?
I knew Vidya Balan, Parineeti (Chopra) and Sonam (Kapoor) social-ly and not very closely. I got to know them through the chat and thata��s why those episodes were quite exciting.

The LWT selfie moment
Selfies have become an integral part of our lives. So it was only natural that we would incorporate it in the show.

Spilling the beans
I dona��t know if what the stars say can be termed as secrets. I think I have managed to reveal some little-known facts about them. And since it was a freewheeling chat, it just happened.

LWT in a sentence
I would say fresh, conversational, emotional and insightful!

Premieres Sunday, August 3 on Zee CafA� at 9pm.

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