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    Obama proves hea��s a
    peoplea��s president and eruptions make for great films

    Beachwear at meetings
    We assure you this isna��t a joke. There seriously might just be one attire for all occasions. Japana��s Quiksilver team has come up with a material that can stay so dry, you could go anywhere after hitting the surf and not look like it at all. The video (True Wet Suits) shows a restless man in a suit postpone a meeting to enjoy the waves. After surfing in style, he heads straight from the surfboard to the board room. The True Wetsuit line will cost about `2,06,000. And yes, the tie and shirt are included.

    Explosive visuals
    One of Chilea��s active volcanoes erupted last Wednesday, and beautiful yet terrifying pictures flooded the Internet of Calbuco throwing a tantrum of smoke into a beautiful evening. The time lapse video documents the volcano over a span of a few hours. The evening sun adds to the panoramic view, painting the sky in shades of orange. Viewers can see the mushroom cloud expand, reminding us that nature will always reign supreme. Hell hath no fury like mother nature scorned, we say.

    Obama, do you care?
    From April Foola��s pranks to conversations with cats, the US President is perhaps the most entertainingA� president ever. Obamaa��s speech at the White House Correspondenta��s Dinner took over Cyberia since the office shared his Anger Translatora��s address on Facebook. With 23 million views, people want Keegan Michael Key, to be a permanent staff member. Obama and a�?Luthera�� make a hilarious team, proving that Obama is at least, the funniest of all Presidents.
    a�� Jurish Nath


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