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    And just like that, the first month of the year is already over. Almost as a reminder, I got to celebrate my birthday this weekend, with a quick trip to Pondicherry. While we may not be excited by the prospect of birthdays anymore, none of us would pass up the opportunity for a beachside ai???vacayai??i?? with friends. Iai??i??ll admit a substantial amount of time was spent in the pool, sipping on Breezers and enjoying the local cuisine.

    Meanwhile in Chennai, the young and the restless had gathered at Express Avenue for the launch of Forever 21 and the chance to meet actor Sonakshi Sinha. I donai??i??t think I need to describe the kind of frenzy that accompanies all things ai???Bollywoodai??i??, but its safe to say, that the aforementioned frenzy was at an all time high. To her credit, Sonakshi did a fabulous job handling her demanding audience and the press, whose questions included everything from her favourite colour, to her plans for Valentineai??i??s Day. She didnai??i??t miss a beat, fending them all off with a big smile on her face, preferring to talk about her love for the brand and for her fans in the city.

    The fashion fever continued into the weekend with Radio Oneai??i??s tenth anniversary bash at Crowne Plaza featuring a Bollywood inspired fashion show by Rehane, choreographed by Sunil Menon. Reflecting the stationai??i??s theme of 100 per cent Bollywood, the ai???Radio One walkai??i?? started off with saris by Palam Silks, moving into contemporary styles by Rehane. The poolside venue was a nice break from the usual, making use of the last bits of pleasant Chennai weather. Besides the beautiful clothes, one of the highlights of the evening was model-turned-singer Aishvarya Kumarai??i??s rendition of Ram Leela.

    The weekend ended with what is soon becoming an annual eventai??i??Super Chef Chennai, although Iai??i??m going to focus on the less serious element, which is the Super Chef Carnival. What can I say, Iai??i??m not much of a cook, but I definitely enjoy the eating. Amir Mahal was converted into foodie paradise, with every kind of cuisine you could think of. Despite the large volumes of people, everything moved like clockwork, with the discerning foodies of the city tucking into dish after dish. And just when youai??i??d think you couldnai??i??t eat another bite, youai??i??d happen upon the next tempting little delight. Adding to the enthusiasm was the presence of celebrity chefs Vicky Ratnani, Sanjay Thumma and Aditya Bal who conducted live Master classes at the Carnival.

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