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    The next time youa��re eating out in a group, try the privacy of Teppan @ Wok A Toque

    The last time we visited Wok A Toque, the Oriental restaurant by the Gharanah group (at Hotel Chariot, T Nagar), we were treated to a host of translucent dumplings in sizes to suit every mouth. They promised us that their teppan room would be launching soon, and that too with chefs from abroad. While said room (christened Teppan @ Wok A Toque) is finally open for business, we stepped in last weekend to find not Oriental chefs, but an Indian teppanyaki specialist lured from his perch in New Delhi. From the kitchen of T.Ka��S Oriental Grill in Hyatt Regency, chef Amit Rohilla has trained under teppanyaki experts in the capital, and has brought his crate of a�?speciala�� sauces with him.

    CHARIOT11Getting started

    But before we get to the sauces, we take a quick tour of what chef Rohilla has picked for the menu at this exclusive room, currently available only on bookings. a�?We import a lot of ingredients,a�? says COO Prabhu Sundar (another new member on the team, last seen at Goa Portuguesa), as we browse through the list on the card. We find a mix of teppanyaki specials sharing space with appetisers, mains (rice and noodles) and desserts borrowed from their main menu. If you have the appetite for soup, therea��s a special miso stock with chicken, shrimps or tofu, but if youa��re in a rush you can blindly ask them for any of their tempura (one of the imports from Japan) offerings. Our prawn tempura was a light, crispy and very addictive affair a�� especially with the tempura sauce and a dash of green tea salt. And left on the iron griddle till golden brown, with a lemon chilli dressing on the side, therea��s a pork gyoza if you want dumplings.

    Teppan action

    Ita��s time for our mains and the chef gets into action a�� tossing mushrooms, flipping eggs, pouring sauces a�� with us, seated at the counter around his station, hoping he doesna��t miss his mark. In no time he plates up a lamb bulgogi that has been pre marinated with sake and and served with crunchy potato strips. The chicken teriyaki with shitake mushrooms (another import) is another addictive dish, thanks to the tangy chefa��s special sauce that it is generously doused with. We choose to give the salmon and rock lobster a pass, to save space for a sneak scoop of their fried ice cream that is not yet on the cards. Sadly, space or no space, we will get no preview of their Thai menu set to launch soon. All we know is that it will offer jasmine rice (on its way from Thailand) and choices based on the three basic curries a�� red, yellow and green.

    Meal for two at approximately Rs. 2,000. Details: 9840677477

    a�� Ryan Peppin


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