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    Care for some Belgian waffles topped with whipped cream, banana and fruit compote?

    Christophe Bonelloa��s waffles have been in the making for a while now. After eight months of experimenting with various ingredients and batter mixes, the Belgian-Canadian served his first batch of waffles under the moniker Waf Oa��Bel, last weekend. Located within a pizzeria (Eatza Pizza) on Nungambakkama��s Jaganathan Road, his speciality counter offers you waffles and a cup of latte should you choose. But dona��t expect to find Maple Syrup on his menu that has six waffles each in Liege and Brussels variants, for thata��s not how the breakfast/dessert is enjoyed in Belgium. a�?The waffle is had only with icing sugar back home. The cream and berries are all for tourists,a�? winks Bonello, who will gladly oblige if you prefer your waffles the American way.
    Dark secrets
    WAFFLES SHOT AT WAF O BEL , NUNGAMBAKKAM. EXPRESS/A.RAJA CHIDAMBARAM.As we watch him and his business partner Sajjad Kandrikar work the cast-iron waffle irons that are around eight kilos each, we help ourselves to some of the fine ingredients that go into these treats. There are pebbles of pearl sugar imported from Belgium, besides Callebaut 44 per cent dark chocolate sticks that are skewered into the Choco Chock waffle and Callebaut chocolate chips that are heaped in a saucer and presented with hot milk on the side, if you ask for a hot chocolate. a�?Thata��s how we serve hot chocolate in Belgium,a�? he smiles and hands us two distinctly different waffles.
    Bite in
    WAFFLES SHOT AT WAF O BEL , NUNGAMBAKKAM. EXPRESS/A.RAJA CHIDAMBARAM.The Liege is round, dense, chewy and sweet (thanks to the pearl sugar), while its counterpart, the Brussels, is crisp, rectangular and as light as air on your palate. You can choose to top these with icing sugar, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, fruit compote and a choice of ice cream. We recommend sticking to something as basic as whipped cream, to allow the taste of the waffles to shine. Speaking of taste, we must mention that Bonello spent plenty of time experimenting, before he came up with the right formula to make his waffles sans egg, using flax seeds as a substitute. And while on the subject of appreciation, be informs that these waffles, with premium ingredients no less, are all priced under Rs 140, including a waffle and coffee/tea combo at an unbeatable Rs 90. Need we say more?

    Take home a box of four liege
    waffles at Rs 290. Waf Oa��Bel also undertakes bulk orders. Details: 9791602901

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