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    nexus-6pNexus 6P

    With a 5.7 inch AMOLED display (518ppi), the Nexus P is Googlea��s flagship smartphone crafted from high-grade aluminium. A 12MP camera with a f2.0 aperture shoots up to 4K resolution videos. Therea��s also a USB type C for charge and sync, a 3450mAh battery, rear fingerprint sensor for security, Android 6.0 and Nexus goodness while getting the latest updates. Available in 32GB and 64GB variants. google.com



    NIKE-PAYAANike Payaa
    NikeLaba��s new Payaa is inspired by a native Alaskan boot to provide a comfortable fit. It is also lightweight and flexible. nike.com





    Logitech-Logi-CircleLogitech Circle
    Circle is a home connection camera with real-time home video, 30-second clips of full ways and two-way audio. It sports a rechargeable battery so you can move it anywhere you like. You can also zoom in up to 8x on footage, plus get a wide 135-degree viewing. logitech.com




    Tesla Model X
    Elon Muska��s new Model X is a sport utility vehicle with an all-wheel drive and 250 miles (400 km) of range on a full charge. It can also go from zero to 100 kph in 3.2 seconds. The Model X is designed for maximum safety with scanning and adaptation using camera, and radar and sonar systems. A medical grade HEPA filter prevents pollen, bacteria, viruses and pollution from circulating in the cabin. Falcon wing doors allow parking in tighter spaces. Available in six or seven seater configurations. Reserve yours now with a deposit (US and select countries). teslamotors.com


    Revo SupersystemRevo Supersystem
    This music system provides superior acoustic performance while managing to look cool. It plays music via the internet, your own collection, DAB radio, USB playback and can be utilised via Wi-Fi and network audio methods, too. Therea��s also high quality BT with aptX streaming and Spotify in select countries. revo.co.uk


    The Tempescope is a unique display box that ambiently displays weather conditions for you. By receiving weather forecasts online, it can physically display conditions like rain, clouds and lightning. The idea is that you dona��t have to open an app or read the weather forecast a�� a glance at the Tempescope tells you whata��s happening outside. In kickstarter phase.


    MVO stands for My Very Own and is a range of truly hyper bespoke eyewear. The process starts with a visit to a MYKITA showroom where you get a professional eye exam, followed by frame selection via a physical+virtual fitting. A 3D scan of the face topography is then captured and digital algorithms take care of hyper precise fitting to ensure the most comfortable spectacles, visually and ergonomically possible. Launching in 2016. myveryown.com



    Bose Soundtouch 10Bose SoundTouch 10
    The SoundTouch 10 will provide full, rich sound and can stream music from the internet or your personal collection via BT and Wi-Fi. And since ita��s Bose, you can be sure of a great quality product in the long run. Available in black and white. bose.com


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