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Ita��s 2016, and if we dona��t get fit now the future looks bleak. These top apps will not only whip you into better shape, they may even help you modify your diet for better results. Get downloading!

J&J 7-minute workout
Johnson & Johnsona��s seven-minute workout app is simple, quick and effectively gets the job done if you find you dona��t have the time to exercise. Leta��s face it a�� if you cannot spend seven minutes on your health per day then you need to re-evaluate! Only a wall and a chair are required. 7minuteworkout.jnj.com

IPIIT is a scanner app that demystifies grocery barcodes to tell you what is in the food youa��re consuming. You can select preferences like gluten-free, lactose-free, non-GMO and the app will tell you if the product fits the criteria. The app also lets you maintain specific diets (paleo, wheat-free etc). You can also compare products for constituents like calories, fat, sodium and sugar. Currently works with over 3,00,000 US food products. The database is growing for other products too. ipiit.co

Runtastic proruntastic pro
Runtastic Pro is great if you love running and walking. With its GPS tracking you can discover new run routes. The app allows you to measure distance, speed, calories and also lets you keep a log or training history. It also has heart-rate compatibility, real voice coaching and connects with smartwatches. Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Also compatible while skiing, biking and skating. runtastic.com

Sworkit is an app thata��s easy to use, easy on the eye (great user-interface) and easy on the pocket (free app is sworkit lite). The workouts on sworkit are highly adaptable and work with all levels of fitness. With emphasis on strength, cardio, yoga and stretching, Sworkit is my go to app for a quick workout. sworkit.com

MyFitnessPal isworkits a great stand-alone fitness app by itself, and it gives free access to the worlda��s largest nutrition and calorie database. The huge food database makes a massive difference if youa��re looking to get fitter and lighter. Remember, a good diet is vital to getting and staying fit. Available free as web and mobile app for all platforms. myfitnesspal.com

Fitstar may possibly be the single comprehensive fitness/personal training app out there. The emphasis is on customised workouts and nutrition plans. Ita��s easy to use, motivating with HD videos and is free with additional charges for specialised yoga or custom-workout sessions. Available on iOS, Android and web format. fitstar.com

Moves is, in short, an activity diary of your life that keeps track of all the steps you walk and run, separately, as well as your cycling distance. Interestingly, it also maps your activity on real maps to show you where youa��ve been. Available on iOS and Android. Moves-app.com

Strava is a superA�simple app that lets you record your athletic activity using not only smartphones and smart watches but also GPS devices. The app is great for running and cycling and it is easy to upload and view your activities on Stravaa��s website. strava.com


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