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pg14-1Lithiumcard Pro
A credit card-sized powerbank with 3,000mAh and 3 amps of power is great for mobility. The bank provides a full charge for an iPhone 6 and even charges the Apple watch. Available in three colours. linearflux.com



Starrystation is a sophisticated router with a touchscreen that provides information on your internet speeds and connected devices. It works with cable, fiber and DSL. starry.com



pg14-5XY beacon
XYa��s a�?Find Ita�� is a smart beacon thata��s easily a�?findablea�?, combined with an app to let you know where you had placed your a�?taggeda�? item
and notifications when the item goes too far
from your phone. xyfindit.com





pg14-8Rimowa electric tag
Our favourite luggage specialist, Rimowa, has launched a new concepta��with an electronic tag that allows users to check in their smart bag wirelessly. You send your digital boarding card via BT from your smartphone to your luggage and, voila, your luggage data appears on the data module. You can hand over your luggage within seconds at an automatic check-in station (where available), saving time and energy. Available across models. rimowa.com

pg14-6Mamorino smartwatch
ZTE, in collaboration with KDDI in Japan, is launching a smartwatch
for children called the Mamorino.
The dust/waterproof watch helps parents keep tabs on their childa��s whereabouts at all times. The Mamorino can also be converted into a pendant, and the child can be contacted via SMS or voice calls. Available late March in Japan. zte.com


pg14-4Naim Mu-SO QB
The Mu-SO QB provides 300 watts of thump in pristine audio quality. It connects to Airplay, BT/aptX, Spotify, TIDAL, Internet radio, USB, iOS and Android apps. Naim says, a�?The end result is a refined audio experience with no distortion, increased speaker accuracy and an expansive sound that makes your hair stand on end.a�? Sounds good enough for us. Available in March. naimaudio.com




pg14-7Sony H.ear Go
Available in multiple colours, the H.ear Go speaker is one of the smallest that supports high-resolution audio and is portable. It also works with Spotify, Google Cast, BT and NFC. It has up to 12 hours of battery life.
Coming soon. sony.com

Hublot Big Bang
This intriguing watch from Hublot is fully transparent and reveals a unique a�?Unicoa�� movement. Even the strap is transparent, all courtesy the companya��s innovative use of sapphire blocks to create a visually stunning effect. The timepiece also features a flyback chronograph. Available as a 500-piece limited edition. hublot.com


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