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    Ricoh NV 10A
    1These digital binoculars have advanced image stabilisation to let you see long ranges, even through fog and darkness. Theya��re also water/dust proof and can record your view to an SD card as a still/full motion image. The NV 10A also displays GPS coordinates. Ricoh.com




    Sony ZX 2
    Sonya��s hi-res Walkman provide studio quality sound in a small package. The details are so fine and subtle that the recording will be near identical to what the artist created. With 33 hours of playback, 24 bit tracks, 128GB storage and microSD XC expansion, you get a great device to satisfy your audiophile cravings. Sony.co.uk

    Netatmo Welcome
    The Welcome is a smart camera with advanced face recognition tech that notifies your smartphone (via an app) when it sees unfamiliar faces, and familiar ones by name. It has a wide 130 degree field of view, night vision and records in full HD. Coming soon. Netatmo.com

    Wireless MomentumA�Experience high-resolution sound wirelessly with the new Momentum wireless. Supports bluetooth 4.0 , aptX audio and detachable cables if necessary. sennheiser.com

    B&O Moment
    The Moment is a stylish tablet device that accesses music from the cloud and plays it intelligently. The unique wood interface lets you use touch in innovative ways to control your audio. Available soon. bang-olufsen.com

    Fujifilm X A2
    Featuring a 175 degree tilting LCD for super selfies, the new XA 2 looks and performs great. An APS-C 16MP CMOS sensor with sensitivity up to ISO 25,600 produces great stills in low light and extremely close, too. Available in three elegant colours.

    3Saygus V2
    This insanely specced smartphone has a 5 inch 445 ppi display, Corning gorilla glass 4, a 21MP camera with OIS for rear and a 13MP camera in the front, 3 GB RAM, 64GB onboard, up to 256GB expandable storage (dual microSDXC slots), a 2.5GHz quad core Snapdragon processor, multiple frequencies wifi. Will soon be available for pre-order. Ww2.saygus.com



    Fidelio NC 1L
    Philips will soon have these noise cancelling headphones, which connect to the lightning port of your ioS device rather than the 3.5mm. The lightning port will power the headphones when they launch in April. www.fidelio.phillips.com


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