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    Philips BT 3500
    This nice Bluetooth speaker provides great sound and looks good. It also supports NFC and has a Mic for calls. The battery is rechargeable and goes up to 5 hours on a charge. usa.philips.com

    The fantast4ic Sony MDR series gets a new wireless headphone with the 1ABT. 40Mm HD drivers combine with Liquid crystal polymer diaphragms, a digital amp and high quality BTstreaming(LDAC). Coming soon. Sony.com





    Transcend SSD Portable
    The ESD 400 is an ultra portable USB 3.0 hard drive that features an SSD (Solid State Drive) with capacities up to 1 TB. The SSD ensures durability and longevity as it can withstand shocks and vibrations while staying cool and silent. Prices start from Rs.6700* for the 128GB version. Transcend.com

    Still in Kickstarter stage, the FishBit is an exciting new device that helps you control and protect your aquarium. It basically is a connected device with a supporting app that monitors your tank composition (pH and salinity) and temperature. You can also connect other equipment to the controller and use it as an automation. Getfishbit.com



    Breva Genie 03
    The Genie 03 comes with a functional speedometer. The ultra cool wrist instrument has a titanium extrusion mechanism which acts as an anemometer and measures speeds up to 200kph. It has to be worn on the wrist and exposed to moving air. It also performs as a regular watch with a power reserve of 60 hours. Breva-watch.com

    Philips Kettle (HD 4686)
    Now you can set your ideal temperature as per your beverage requirements using this high tech kettle. Settings of 40, 80, 90 and 100deg Celsius work for a wide variety of drinks as well as soups and noodles. A keep warm function also keeps the water at your specified temperature . 1.5 l capacity. Philips.co.in

    2Leatherman Tread
    The Tread is basically a multi-tool that can be worn on your wrist or as a watch-strap. It sports individual links which have specific uses and purpose giving you multiple drivers, wrenches, a bottle opener, glass breaker etc. Coming soon. Leatherman.com



    Fujifilm XQ 2
    The XQ 2 is a super-compact, yet premium camera from Fujifilm with a 2/3 inch sensor that delivers AF speed of 0.06 seconds. The camera also has an ISO up to 12800 and can transfer images wirelessly using an App. Fujifilm.com Coming February.A�3


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