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    Vocier C38

    The C38 is an incredible piece of luggage constructed from aluminium, Italian leather and black canvas. Its patented Zero-crease system provides a wrinkle free environment for your suits wherever you travel. Vocier.com

    TABU lumen

    The Lumen smart bulb works as a standard LED white bulb and can beam in multicolours when required for a party atmosphere. It can also be controlled via your smartphone. amazon.com

    AROS smart AC

    AROS smart AC
    AROS learns automatically your usage patterns and habits to provide the perfect temperature you desire all the time. It also maximises savings by offering settings which minimise energy consumption. You can also control it via a smartphone app as well. quirky.com

    Mother & Motion Cookies

    These Motion Cookies are part of the Sense mother family and can be fixed on to almost anything.
    Some of the parameters the cookies measure are steps, temperature, presence, access monitoring, sleep. Works in tandem with Sense mother . `18,700* for Mother and `6200 for 4 cookies. sen.se

    Blush Compact Charger
    This nifty little accessory provides you a mirror and a portable charger in one compact size. firebox.com


    You can now pre-order EDYN, which is essentially a smart garden system that monitors environmental conditions to help your plants grow better. A special sensor measures light, temperature, soil content, moisture and humidity to recommend which plants will thrive under existing conditions. The Edyn water valve controls your water system via an app. For more details on this incredible device go to edyn.com

    Koenigsegg Regera

    Regera is Swedish for a�?to Reigna�? and Koenigsegg excels with this lightweight, ultra-powerful Megacar. It will be handcrafted in only 80 pieces. One look at the stats will blow your mind away a�� koenigsegg.com/regera . Now, how about that test drive I was promised…

    Wally is a home sensing device that detects and alerts you of water leakage as well as drastic changes in humidity and temperature. Wallyhome.com


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