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    Sony Smartband 2

    Sony SmartBand
    Sonya��s new band is an intelligent heart rate monitor and activity tracker rolled into one slim wrist device. It tracks sleep and has a vibrating/LED notification for calls and messages on your smartphone. Connecting via NFC and BT, the band is also IP 68 certified for water resistance up to three metres. Battery life up to five days. Coming soon.A�sonymobile.com

    Leapfrog Epic

    leapfrog epic
    The Epic is highly customisable and safe for kids as it learns and grows according to the childa��s requirements. It also has a 7a�? touchscreen, 16GB of storage and runs on an Android-based operating system. The browser is web-safe and age-appropriate with safety as the top priority. Advanced parental controls ensure the Epic is totally child-friendly. leapfrog.com

    Google OnHub

    Google onhub copy
    OnHub is a new router from Google that provides you great wireless connectivity on all your devices and works with the Google ON app to keep everything seamless and fast. It provides speeds up to 1,900Mbps and both 2.4 Ghz/5GHz frequencies. It also sports a dimmable LED light and a speaker.google.com

    SoundPop 360

    LGa��s Soundpop 360 is a bottle-shaped portable speaker that has 360 degree sound projection. It also sports a 20-hour battery life and comes in various colours. Available soon.

    Jolla Tablet

    Jolla Tablet1
    Jollaa��s tablet is available on pre-order now and runs on Sailfish 2.0. It also has the capability to run Android apps. An 8a�? screen with 330ppi resolution and 8.3mm of thinness with a Quad core CPU results in a seriously powerful tab. shop.jolla.com

    Yamaha YSP 5600

    Yamahaa��s YSP 5600 is a nifty soundbar that has the ability to recreate surround sound, Dolby ATMOS 7.1.2 style. It can also be upgraded to DTS:X on demand. The soundbar is compatible with up to 10 speakers and receivers. It also supports a 24bit/192kHz audio, and streaming of a wide variety of audio formats, including FLAC and DSD. The 5600 supports BT and Airplay, too. Launching in December.

    Samsung Wireless Charger

    Samsung wireless charger
    This wireless charger provides fast charge and is Qi certified to work on all Qi enabled devices. Available in black and white. samsung.com/us


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