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    DJ Martin Garrix chats about Bengaluru and his dream collaborations

    The Dutch DJ, Martin Garrix, is no stranger to the stage. This 20-year-old has been performing for the past four years now and has a number of EPs, collaborations with Tiesto and Avicii, among others, and an impressive number of awards under his belt already. On a world tour right now, the DJ hits up Bengaluru to play some of his signature progressive house and electro beats. We catch up with him about being on the road and his love for India.

    Are you excited about Bengaluru?
    Itai??i??s going to be one crazy night at Sunburn. I find Indian people to be polite and I really enjoy the energy they bring to a party. I think India has a big dedicated audience to this genre and the numbers are growing every day.

    Whatai??i??s the best part about touring the world?
    It is all about that moment when you are on stage and you see all the happy faces in the crowd having the best time of their lives. The energy that the crowd gives you every single night is exhilarating. I still get nervous before big shows.

    Whatai??i??s the worst part?
    I donai??i??t get much time to spend with family and do normal things like my other friends on a regular basis. Also I can never catch up on sleep.

    What do you like about Indian music?
    I do listen to a lot of Indian music and it inspires me to write more. Every time I come to India, I witness a new surge of creativity and brand new fan experience.

    Your dream collaboration.
    I would love to work with Pharrell Williams one day

    Whatai??i??s next?
    I will keep doing what I love, release a lot new music and visit new countries.
    Tonight. 7 pm. At Embassy International Riding School, Devanahalli. Tickets
    (`2,100 upward) on

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