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    Play Clan gets a new address in the city and offers design-smart clothes, mugs, folders and other accessoriesA�

    Delhi-based Himanshu Dogra gets inspiration for his designs from his surroundings. While the first Play Clan store opened in 2008, in New Delhi, they have around eight outlets, now,A� with one in Pondicherry too. The Pondicherry store which opened three years ago, has recently got a new address on Rue Suffren Street. According to Dogra, Play Clan combines fashion, art and design to create apparel, accessories and gifts. As for the Pondicherry specific products at the store, Dograa��s wife, Dhruti says, a�?We celebrate life and everyday observations and these are reflected on the products as stories. So you will see the use of the Tamil font in a calligraphic way or a policeman from Pondicherry, with the characteristic hat, coming through in our collections that are playful and iconic.a�? Having opened new stores in Russia and Bangalore, the duo look forward to others in the country by the end of this year.

    Our pick:
    sufr6Mugs: The Konkani cup and saucer is a new addition to the list of cups and saucers at the store. Their chai mugs like the badshah-begum, nar-nari and chora-chori are attractive and fast moving. Priced at Rs.650.

    Clothes: This Ashram- based tee with delicate embellishments is a hit. They also have other themes like moksha, soul bird, sadhu ghat, kushti, turban men, Kasi, Vishwanath (Lord Shiva) -based short sleeve tees that are fun and energetic. The new collection also includes a Hanuman and Ganesha tee. Priced from Rs.1,295.
    Journals: Their journals are conversation starters. Featuring sun sign to Krishna and Banaras, they are attractive and sturdy. We like their truck journal, a new design, and the Kathakali dance folder. Priced from Rs.2,995.

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