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    Offering lamb skin headphones, glassware, stoles and more, Aastha Khetan’s store is a treat for all senses

    Little did Aastha Khetan know that her early fascination for collecting tapestries would eventually lead her to curating exotic finds, like limited-edition glassware from Steuben or atypical vintage metal art by Artisan House. The brain behind the four-month-old e-store, House of Things, Khetan says that she has always had a keen eye for pieces of art that are rare and high on design value. “I wanted to set up an online shop forAASTHA-KHETAN high-end home décor, where I can hand pick products that have  rich historical significance and craftsmanship,” she says, insisting that her line up of tapestries will always be the pride of her collection. Featuring international and house-of-things-4national labels like Moser, Michael Aram, Sarita Handa, Calcutta restoration and Andraab, the store is the only online retailer in the country to offer Jay Strongwater, Artisan House and Airdiem.
    Home ground
    Khetan, who graduated from De Montfort University in London, worked at Unilever Mumbai before going back to her roots in Udaipur. Talking about the Indian labels, the 20-something marketing graduate says, “There are so many designers and local artisans from the rural belts of the country who are unable to make themselves seen.” Her pick from the Indian labels include a tapestry depicting the ‘tree of life’, an installation of ‘Radha my beloved’ (a statue of a cow with the face of Radha) and a six-foot elephant tusk made of resin and inlay.
    house-of-things-2At your service
    Their online concierge service that sets them apart from their counterparts, offers in depth information about the chosen item, besides taking you on a virtual tour of their catalogue. “The idea behind it is to promote connoisseurship; to cultivate the buyer’s taste for finer things in life,” says Khetan. With plans to collaborate with fashion designers and taste makers to create their own exclusive products, up next is a new line of products under the home technology category, which will showcase collectibles like embellished or lamb skin headphones, besides home apparel featuring shawls and carpets from Andraab in Kashmir.
    Priced from Rs 1,500 onwards. Details: thehouseofthings.com
    —Niranjana Hariharanandanan


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