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    Get your fill of cheeky crockery, unusual fans and all things Chumbak at a new flagship store in Bangalore

    Say a�?Chumbaka�� and images of quirky magnets, luggage tags, laptop and phone cases and other cheeky accessories come to mind. But the duo behind the label, Shubhra Chadda and Vivek Prabhakar, have taken their brand of quirkiness to a whole new level with their first flagship store on CMH Road, Bangalore. The move comes after they expanded their line to include a host of home and decor essentials like couches, stools, cupboards, crockery, cushions, lamps, carpets, quilts and framed prints.

    On the inside
    You are welcomed by a trademark chandelier extending from the ceiling of the first floor all the way down to the ground floor. Fashioned out of signature Chumbak tin cans, the outrageous funkiness of the lamp is echoed in an equally outre ceiling fan a�� the blades are covered with quirky phone cover prints depicting owls, mustaches, elephants, lotus and cows. a�?We wanted to reveal a whole new design language, which is what we call Chumbak 2.0. While we wanted to play around with the design language itself, we wanted to stick close to the original Chumbak. The new range is a culmination of all that,a�? say the couple, revealing the launch of nation-wide stores soon, including in Chennai.

    Creative corner
    The brand, which already has 25 pop-up stores across the country, including one in Forum Vijaya Mall, is in talks with Phoenix Market City for the launch of their flagship store in Chennai. Shubhra says, a�?We havena��t finalised how the store is going to look yet but we are going to have the same products across all the stores. And Chennaia��s launch will happen before the year ends.a�? With another store launched in Delhi this week, youa��ll soon find them in Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad as well. Rs.100 upwards. Details: chumbak.com

    Our pick
    .We like the wooden camping chair with bright owl prints against a burnt orange background
    .The floor cushions are quite fetching in a range of their signature quirky prints
    .To add some bright pops of colour to a dull room, we suggest the three-legged stools available in a selection of candy colours

    a��Rashmi Rajagopa


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