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    Not scared of snakes? Check out this two-day workshop to catch up with Croc Bank founder Romulus Whitaker

    Targeted at snake enthusiasts of age 15 and above, the a�?Whata��s that snake?a�� workshop at Madras Crocodile Bank Trust/Centre for Herpetology (MCBT) is not for the faint hearted. Starting with the taxonomy of snakes like the spectacled cobra, Russell’s viper, the common krait and the rock python a�� you also get clued into snake bite protocols, identification of the most common venomous species and the ways to tackle them in case of direct encounter. a�?This is the first time that we are conducting exclusive workshops on each group of reptiles, giving the participants a chance to learn more about their favourite group of reptiles,a�? shares Yamini Bhaskar, assistant director of MCBT, adding that this workshop is part of their a�?What’s that reptile?a�� series.
    The overnight workshop includes, a�?a snake walk in the morning with the irulas (who have been snake catchers for generations) in the Vadanemili village and in the night within the MCBT premises to find snakes,a�? says Vineeth Mario Vincent, education officer at MCBT. Meanwhile, get ready to catch up with founder of MCBT and Madras Snake Park, Romulus Whitaker (fondly called Rom) who will be present on Sunday for an interactive session. Why snakes? And an excited 72-year-old Rom shares that, a�?over 50,000 people die of snake bites every year in India and also because they are the most efficient rodent controllers in nature.a�? Up next in the series is the a�?What’s that crocodile?a�� workshop from April 30 to May 1.
    April 16-17. Register for Rs 3,500. Details: 8489514463

    a��Lalitha Ranjani


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